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SLAM Airway On-Demand Pediatric-Adult Airway Management Courses


  • To promote the public health and well-being by teaching safe and effective airway management techniques for prehospital and hospital based healthcare practitioners.
  • To assist the healthcare community and others through programs of airway management education and training.
  • To encourage the highest standards of airway management in personnel and equipment.
  • To participate in the future direction of emergency and difficult airway management by promoting and encouraging education and life-long learning.

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Slam Emergency Airway Management

SLAM Airway On-Demand

SLAM Airway Training Institute

2-Day Adult and Pediatric SLAM Airway On-Demand Workshop with Porcine Cricothyrotomy Lab

​20-hour workshop covering essential aspects of adult and pediatric airway management and porcine cricothyrotomy.  More...(20 CE's)

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1-Day Adult SLAM Airway On-Demand Workshop: SLAM Street Level Airway Management

We come to you!  10-hour workshop covering essential aspects of adult emergency & difficult airway management. More...(10 CE's)

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1-Day Adult/Pediatric SLAM Airway On-Demand Workshop

12-Hour workshop covering essential aspects of adult and pediatric airway management. More... (12 CE's)